Supply Chain Strategy in the Boardroom

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Supply Chain Strategy in the Boardroom 

Supply chain management strategy significantly influences an organisation’s performance.
The tendency to exclude supply chain management from the strategic debate can cause firms to miss out on exploitable opportunities to increase competitive advantage.  Moreover, if corporate level strategy does not reflect the dynamic market environment well, or the functional strategies do not support corporate level strategy, supply chain strategy is less likely to succeed.
The importance of effective supply chain strategy is therefore becoming recognised but a question remains as to how the concept of supply chain strategy is embedded within the Boardroom agenda.
The Supply Chain Strategy in the Boardroom Survey 2012 was undertaken by a joint team from Cranfield School of Management and Solving Efeso. Click here to download the Final Report
The research objectives of the research were:

  1. Understanding the perception of supply chain strategy in the boardroom and its building blocks/elements
  2. Identifying and quantifying the key issues driving the boardroom agenda for supply chain strategy development
  3. Identifying the key enablers and obstacles to supply chain strategy implementation

Following the survey analysis and the production of the Interim Findings, a series of Executive Workshopswere rolled out and provided the opportunity to explore the implications of findings for businesses and for the future of supply chain in the Boardroom.  Key issues for discussion during these Workshops will include:

  • What is the role of the CEO and how should supply chain be represented in the Boardroom?
  • How can functional and business unit inputs best be aligned and how should innovation opportunities spanning national, regional and global geographies best be captured?
  • What is the emerging best‐practice approach and how can the supply chain strategy process be audited to improve level of success?

For further information contact Richard Wilding, Professor of Supply Chain Strategy:
or Tel: +44 (0) 1234 758560.

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