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Video IntroductionThe Centre for Business Performance specialises in the design, implementation, use and ongoing maintenance of performance measurement and management systems. Drawing on over fifteen years experience and applied research, we have created and tested a pallet of tools and techniques for use in organisations.

Our main activities are:

  • Practical courses and workshops to help people manage their organisations, improve performance and design their compensation systems
  • PG Certificate and Black Belt, an executive programme to develop performance improvement change agents
  • Rigorous and relevant academic research around important issues in organisational performance
  • Roundtables for those both in business and public sector organisations, where we disseminate our knowledge, engage in debate and assure the relevance of our research
"We aim to improve organisational performance by undertaking important research and through creating new tools, approaches and insights that improve management practice"


Mindfulness for Higher Performance
An innovative two day course for executives, focusing on mindfulnness-based attention and awareness training in order to improve personal and team performance, both respectfully and sustainably (more information and booking procedure):

Managing Performance Improvement. A unique combination of a Black Belt and Post Graduate Certificate designed to launch the careers of those interested in making an impact in lean, six sigma and performance improvement. Further details

Strategic Performance Management. A three day interactive executive programme to help you manage your organisation’s performance. This workshop is highly interactive covering the design of scorecards, success and strategy maps, Key Performance Indicators, setting targets, and managing through measurement. Further details.

Operational Performance Management. A two day interactive executive programme to help you improve your organisation’s performance. This workshop is highly interactive covering continuous improvement techniques including target setting, process improvement, route cause analysis, statistical process control and developing a performance culture. Further details.


Mindful Meetings: Find out evidence-based ways to improve performance in your organisation by conducting mindful meetings. Read this article here by Dr Andrey Pavlov and Dr Jutta Tobias.

Mindfulness and Performance Factsheet:
In view of the recent surge in interest in mindfulness among management scholars as well as practitioners, we have produced a brief factsheet listing the scientific evidence linking mindfulness with workplace performance. Please take a look and let us have your comments.

Performance Management in UK Higher Education Institutions: The Need for a Hybrid Approach. New research conducted by Cranfield School of Management on behalf of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) shows that, in response to pressures to perform, universities may in fact be damaging their own future success. For further details and the report.

Sharper decision-making. Workplace teams routinely make decisions that are biased, hampering the organisation’s overall performance. In this practice-oriented article published in Training Journal, Dr Jutta Tobias provides a set of recommendations on how to improve the quality or organisational decision-making.

The Impact of mindfulness training on students' academic achievement. Mindfulness is increasingly linked with performance and attainment, however there is to date little empirical evidence supporting this link. We are currently investigating the link between mindfulness training and academic attainment amongst school children. Further details.

How to set targets and attach incentives. Research report now available from Dr Monica Franco (monica.franco@cranfield.ac.uk).

Recent and Current Research. Cranfield has a reputation for industrially relevant and academically rigorous research. See Doctoral research for examples and opportunities. We are currently researching 'Emerging Issues in Performance Measurement' and will publish a special issue of the Managing Accounting Research Journal. To participate and further details.

Global research report reveals how firms can develop full value from Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). A new report from Cranfield School of Management, sponsored by the world's largest enterprise software company Oracle, has found that many global enterprises are struggling to capitalise on the full value of enterprise performance management (EPM). Further details.


Mindfulness for Higher Performance Course

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Mindfulness and Performance Factsheet - Please take a look and let us have your comments

New Report Published: Performance Management in UK Higher Education Institutions: The Need for a Hybrid Approach

Joint Business & Public Sector Performance Roundtable on the 8th July 2015

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