Cranfield Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales

Cranfield School of Management


Welcome to the Cranfield Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales (CSMS)

For over thirty years, the Cranfield Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales has been renowned throughout the world for its pragmatic, state-of-the-art approach to marketing and sales.  Our focus on knowledge into action brings you the latest thinking, practical tools and solutions through our customer-centric and collaborative approach to programme design and delivery.

Our faculty members work with the operating boards of many of the world's leading multinationals (check out our Customised Programmes).  But this is only one way in which we keep abreast of the challenges facing all organisations today and how leading-edge companies are overcoming them.  We have an active Research Programme and are always looking for new participants in our Research Clubs

Cranfield has a long-standing reputation for its research in marketing and sales.  Sponsored by many of the world's best companies, such as BP, Hewlett Packard, Mercedes Benz and Royal Bank of Scotland, we carry out research into the major issues facing us today.  The findings appear in reports for sponsors, papers, articles, books and consultancy.  Above all, though, our research makes our courses, workshops and seminars second to none.


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