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Meet our current cohorts

Our highly sought after executive talent includes Full Time and Executive MBA students as well as MSc students from our top ranked programmes.  We can facilitate a number of different ways to meet them, from on-campus networking events to industry events and career fairs.  Our Business Development Consultants also provide expert executive matching services to connect the right students to the right recruiters.  To connect with our students, search CVs, post jobs and access events please access the Cranfield Talent Management Centre.  Alternatively please contact our team on (0)1234 751122 to discuss any recruitment related matters.

Do you have a project for our students?

Each year between April and September our students choose a project to utilise their knowledge and skills developed within the core programme. They choose from many topics across all sectors depending on their career interests. It is an opportunity to get involved with companies and enhance specific business knowledge. Follow the links below for more information on current class projects.

MSc Management

Providing a project opportunity is a rewarding and worthwhile experience for the participating organisation.  The benefits include a low cost, high quality source of objective research provided within a fast timeframe, an opportunity to test the quality of our talented students as potential recruits, and the fact that projects dovetail neatly into recruitment, offering more insight into the students involved.  To submit a project please complete the following forms:

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