The Praxis Centre for Personal Leadership Development

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The Praxis Centre for Leadership Development

Dedicated to leadership and management development by focusing on an individual's (or groups of individual’s) personal development - who they are and who they could be, The Praxis Centre employs a holistic approach: people are more than brains on sticks with a mind, body and context in which they exist.

Our ground-breaking person-centred approach to learning using inspirational, experiential and innovative learning techniques, focused on personal insight over knowledge transfer.


High Performance Leadership
For senior managers and directors wanting to review their current approaches to leadership and discover new capabilities
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Personal Transformation For Leaders
For senior executives and directors who want to be come better at using themselves as an instrument to communicate and inspire
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Leadership Advantage Programme
For senior managers or managers seeking to further develop and expand on existing approaches to leadership
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 Managing Self and Others

Increasing Personal Power
For anyone who wants to build confidence at work through greater self-awareness along with a genuine and powerful insight into others
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Mindful Leadership
For experienced managers who want to develop the ability to keep cool and maintain a clear mind under extreme pressures
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Developing Leadership Practice
For those with experience of leading a team, keen to enhance leadership impact and raise individual, team and organisational performance
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 Personal Presence

Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire
For experienced presenters who want to rejuvenate their communication skills and go beyond making presentations, to inspiring audiences
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Impact and Influence
For those who need to deliver credible messages with the power to influence their board, clients or their own team
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Winning Hearts and Minds
For middle to senior level managers, executives and project team leaders who are making presentations in their everyday work life
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  • Developing Leadership Practice
    11 Oct 2016
  • The Commercial GC Executive Leadership Development Programme
    11 Oct 2016
  • Leadership Advantage Programme
    18 Oct 2016
  • Mindful Leadership
    01 Nov 2016
  • High Performance Leadership
    07 Nov 2016
  • Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire
    14 Nov 2016
  • Increasing Personal Power
    16 Nov 2016
  • Personal Transformation for Leaders
    21 Nov 2016
  • Winning Hearts and Minds: Storytelling for Professional Managers
    29 Nov 2016
  • Impact and Influence
    06 Dec 2016
  • Impact and Influence
    21 Mar 2017

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