Praxis: Personal Impact and Development

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Praxis: Personal Impact and Development

Praxis: Personal Impact and Development

The Praxis Centre is a specialised centre dedicated to leadership and management development, we focus very much on the individual's personal development - who they are and who they could be. Our approach is holistic: people are more than brains on sticks; they have a mind, body and spirit all of which are with them in the workplace.

What makes the Praxis Centre unique?

Deeper awareness transforms a leader's approach to their role and relationships at work. You are still you, but you at your best!

We work from the inside out
Our focus is on unconscious assumptions and emotions which psychology and neuroscience identify as the drivers of behaviour.

Our Faculty are authentic in promoting real change through personal presence and depth of knowledge of experience.

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    13 Oct 2015
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    20 Oct 2015
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    02 Nov 2015
  • Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire
    09 Nov 2015
  • Increasing Personal Power
    10 Nov 2015
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    12 Nov 2015
  • Impact and Influence
    12 Nov 2015
  • Personal Transformation for Leaders
    16 Nov 2015
  • Winning Hearts and Minds: Storytelling for Professional Managers
    26 Nov 2015
  • Power & Influence
    30 Nov 2015

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