Innovation Management: Strategy and Implementation

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Innovation Management: Strategy & Implementation

This intensive 3 day workshop is designed to help you diagnose the barriers to innovation in your organisation. Learn to apply a proven framework to make your organisation more innovative. Discover examples of best practice in innovation management and develop an action plan to help you boost the innovation performance of your organisation.

Tuition, course materials, full board accommodation and lifelong access to Alumni Membership benefits are included in the price of this course.

If booked with the Customers’ Hidden Needs programme, on consecutive dates, the total price will be £4,750 + VAT.


  • Knowledge to create an action plan of how your organisation can boost its output of breakthrough products, services and processes, or develop an innovative business model
  • Knowledge to develop winning ideas that are truly customer-focused
  • Confidence to manage your portfolio so that the most innovative ideas are not killed-off
  • Ability to create a culture that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Heightened awareness of when and how to apply tools in order to boost performance
  • Ability to obtain buy-in from your top management team for your innovation action plan
  • Confidence to communicate widely the reasons why more innovation is needed, and how it will be achieved.


  • Introduction to Cranfield School of Management’s Pentathlon Framework; a powerful tool to help you manage key aspects of innovation.
  • The "innovation process"
  • Innovation strategy and a strategic road map for your organisation
  • Manage the main types of innovation: product, service, process and business model innovation
  • Challenges of managing innovation performance
  • Designing an innovation process to help generate breakthrough products year in – year out
  • Capturing and analysing customers’ “hidden needs”
  • Understand how world leading international organisations from around the globe create breakthrough products and services.

Delegates will be asked to read a case study on the management of innovation and compare and contrast this to the current situation in their own organisation. They will also be asked to answer a short ‘innovation audit’ questionnaire, which will be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of their organisation.


  • Directors and senior managers responsible for product, service, and business model innovation.


Keith Goffin

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3 days


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Fees include tuition, course materials, accommodation (where applicable) and lifelong access to Alumni Membership Benefits (on courses of 2 days or more duration).

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