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Professor David Buchanan (Principal Investigator)

David Buchanan

David is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Cranfield University School of Management, specializing in change management and change agency, and organization politics.

He has a Doctorate in Organizational Behaviour from Edinburgh University.

He was recently academic adviser to the NHS Modernisation Agency Research Into Practice Programme, exploring factors affecting the spread and sustainability of new working practices in healthcare.

He is author/co-author of over two dozen books, one of which has since 1985 been a best seller: Organizational Behaviour (with Andrzej Huczynski; seventh edition 2010).

He has co-authored several bookson change management, including: TheSustainability and Spread of Organizational Change: Modernizing Healthcare (with Louise Fitzgerald and Diane Ketley, 2007), and Power, Politics and Organizational Change: Winning the Turf Game(with Richard Badham, 2008).

He is also co-editor (with Alan Bryman) of the Sage Handbook of Organizational Research Methods (2009), and has written numerous book chapters, papers, and articles on organizational behaviour and change.

Current projects include an SDO-funded study of the realities of management in healthcare, management attitudes to organization politics, and managing change in extreme contexts.

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