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Personal Transformation for Leaders

Cranfield's longest running programme, which has in, its different forms benefitted and inspired executives since 1980.

Realise your leadership potential through in-depth self-examination 

This programme is for senior executives who wish to develop their leadership potential through in-depth self-examination. It provides a transformational experience, which will allow you to find your own authentic style of leadership, be more comfortable with ambiguity and improve your understanding of people. By the end of the programme you will have expanded your emotional comfort zone. 

Tuition, course materials, full board accommodation and lifelong access to Alumni Membership benefits are included in the price of this course.

If you would like to continue your personal development through follow-on coaching sessions this can be arranged (additional fees apply). Please contact Mary Mills at or telephone +44 (0) 1234 754502


  • A more genuine, open, and sensitive style of leadership
  • An improved understanding of how your behaviour impacts on others
  • A better ability to empathise and understand why others behave as they do
  • An understanding of how to manage yourself and others under pressure
  • Increased emotional intelligence, focus and direction
  • An increased ability to develop and support others.
Because of the connections that develop during this programme past participants have often created an on going professional peer group that continues to meet once or twice a year.


  • Learn how to use your own unique story and life experience to inspire your leadership
  • Explore deep-seated attitudes and beliefs to give you insights to build on your strengths, shift unhelpful attitudes and create more choice in how you behave
  • Use depth psychology, group participation, feedback and individual development time to create a lasting impact both in and outside of the work environment.


  • Senior executives and directors who want to become better at using themselves as an instrument to communicate and inspire
  • Those who recognise blind spots that may hold them back
  • Executives who need to become better at taking people with them
  • Those who feel at a crossroads within their career
  • Highflyers who need to achieve a healthier work life balance. 


Drs. Ido van der Heijden

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5 days + 2 days, residential


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Fees include tuition, course materials, accommodation (where applicable) and lifelong access to Alumni Membership Benefits (on courses of 2 days or more duration).

For further information contact:-

Paul Hughes
+44 (0)1234 754497

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What Participants think...

"The course, was one of those turning points you hear about and experience. The course jolted me into awareness and action and since then I have embarked on a true journey of personal and professional discovery, that has created a life of abundance and fulfilment. Thank you."

Craig Boddington,Rivervalley Consulting Ltd

"Unique Opportunity to explore what limits you from fulfilling your potential, and to selflessly help others understand their limiting factors.  To learn from others about you.  To give you a network of support that you could not get in any other way."

Matthew Hall, Audit Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"This course was a life changing experience that will save me from living a less than fulfilled existence.  Everyone should do it - it should be the law!"

Nicola Webster, Customer Experience Trends and External Insight Manager,
02 UK Ltd


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