Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility

Cranfield School of Management

The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility works to empower current and future managers with the knowledge, skills, and desire to lead responsible, sustainably managed organisations.


As a research centre within Cranfield University School of Management, we are uniquely positioned to:

  • Engage with first-class research across disciplines, as part of the School's collective focus on ‘knowledge into action’

  • Engage with students through our teaching on Cranfield MBA, MSc and executive education courses

  • Engage with industry, the public sector, and business/CR coalitions to promote sustainable management practice in their organisations


Our perspective on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Whilst recognising that many people and many companies use terms such as ”Corporate (Social) Responsibility,” ”C(S)R,” “Corporate Citizenship” and ”Corporate Sustainability” interchangeably, we wish they would not do so. It causes confusion and can slow progress. We are increasingly of the view that Corporate Sustainability – defined as “a business commitment to sustainable development, and an approach that creates long-term shareholder and societal value by embracing the opportunities and managing the risks associated with social, environmental and economic developments” is a higher stage of Corporate Responsibility. Corporate Responsibility (the responsibility a business takes for social, economic, and environmental impacts).

The Doughty Centre's 2014-5 Annual Report is now available, click here to download.

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to download the 2013-14 Doughty Centre Annual Report.

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Click here to see a summary of "Cranfield on Corporate Responsibility" written by members of Cranfield faculty and edited by Professor David Grayson and Nadine Exter. You can also view short filmed interviews with the lead authors of each chapter.

Click here to visit the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management Theme page for current news items.

Director's diary: an occasional blog from the Doughty Centre. Click here to read the blog.

Cranfield is one of the early signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education. For Cranfield's latest Communication on Progress to embed PRME across the School of Management, click here.

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