Corporate Responsibility - Teaching and Sharing Knowledge

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Teaching and Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge and supporting today’s student and manager in structuring a sustainable approach to business is at the forefront of the work we do at the Doughty Centre. Our culture is one of support and guidance to ensure that corporate responsibility is placed at the heart of an organisation rather than a bolt-on. As one of twelve research centres based at Cranfield University, our objective is to support students and business people through enabling ongoing and future teaching at Cranfield and by connecting academia and practitioners so that valuable knowledge can be shared.

The scope of work is wide ranging and there is a wealth of reading material, conferences and access to knowledge on the subject of sustainability and responsibility. Whether a student of the Cranfield MBA or MSc or manager looking to change the approach of particular organisations’ environmental responsibilities, we can help connect you to emerging practice and research.

For further information on how you can benefit from our knowledge dissemination:

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