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The power of many at Liverpool Victoria

Daniel Connolly explains how Liverpool Victoria has been using peer to peer recommendations in the B2B space by integrating a review system across their product web pages. LV's research has shown that harnessing the power of many in this way is driving sales and influencing brand perception.

Leading culture change

Mark Leeds from Royal Bank of Scotland explains how RBS is working on changing the culture of the organisation through a central team focusing on Customer Experience in order to align the organisation and its products and services with the requirements of the customer. Pictoral representations by way of a Customer Wheel and CTQ (Critical-To-Quality) Trees are displayed throughout the organisation in order to keep the customer and their needs top-of-mind.

Growing a customer-centric culture

Rachel Curtis-Bowen, Head of Marketing & Customer Experience explains how the Cambridge & Counties Bank was set up to help create a solution for SMEs to obtain finance. Being in a position to design the products and services from scratch, without the limitations of an existing back-end has enabled the company to involve customers throughout the planning and design process in order to create simple and efficient processes and functions which support the required products and services. Two years on, they are now in another phase of review with their customers to evaluate the journey so far and plan the route ahead.

Driving improved customer satisfaction at KC Communications

Amanda Woodard explains how ‘customer spectacles’ help improve customer experience and drive satisfaction at KC Communications - providers of telecommunications and IT services in the Hull and East Yorkshire and double winners at the 2013 Customer Experience Awards.

A customer at a time

Tim Crick, Managing Partner at Decblue explains how decisioning can enable firms large and small to make the most of every touchpoint – and the management challenges this creates, particularly with regards to strategy, culture and customer data.

Content marketing and the customer journey in a multichannel environment

Charles Randall explains how SAS Marketing has been developing its digital capabilities to enable the integration of its sales and marketing processes. ‘No Lead Left Behind’ is the mantra around which the whole system is focused.

Differentiation through great conversation at CurrencyIndex

Jack May explains how CurrencyIndex - winners at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2013 - first started using social media as a captivating tool - by employees engaging with a project called Operation Bluebird. Daily market reports were uploaded to YouTube and shared through other social platforms. Communications around this key activity developed with regards to increasing customers' awareness of currency brokering services offered - whilst retaining that sense of fun, personality and trust.

5 levers to a successful customer experience programme

Mark Hill from ResponseTek explains the five key components of customer experience management as: programme governance - with buy in across the organisation; cross-functional structuring; enterprise-wide operationalising - in order to collect actionable feedback; and developing an organisation-wide comms campaign around the brand.

Transforming the digital customer experience at Clothes2Order

Michael Conway explains how Clothes2Order - a leading online supplier of printed and embroidered clothing - conducted quantitative research into buyers' attitudes and the competitive landscape, followed by qualitative research and user testing through the creation of a user lab. Engaging employees within the ongoing development process has led to improved packaging and photos of products in the manufacturing stage being sent to customers ahead of delivery, generating positive feedback and additional promotion. Clothes2Order are winners of the UK Customer Experience Awards 2013 for Digital Customer Experience.

Redrafting the Consumer Contract

A former creative planner with the multi-award winning agency, Fallon, Jon Alexander has also been a brand strategist for one of the UK’s most established brands, The National Trust. During his time at the National Trust, Jon has created and managed such influential initiatives as ‘MyFarm’ and ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4’. Jon will explore the emerging relationship between consumers and brands, and how both need to work harder.

Performance Through Sustainability

Daniel Vennard heads up the innovative global Mars programme to create performance through sustainability. Daniel refers to new research conducted with the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, Australia and case studies from within Mars, that challenge the emerging model of sustainability marketing and proposes alternative ways of delivering both on sustainability and core marketing objectives.

Sustainability and Social Influence

Mark Earls is a best-selling author (‘Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature’, and ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having: Mapping Social Behaviour’), and is known internationally for his innovative work on social influence and copying patterns, and how these can be applied to consumer and employee behaviour. Mark will discuss how understanding our complex yet simple desire to be social could provide key insights into how we can more effectively drive more sustainable consumption.

Meet the Aspirationals

GlobeScan is the leading global research company focusing on sustainability trends. As well as sharing fresh data on trust and expectations of business, Chris Coulter explains their new consumer segmentation research which is fuelling the rethinking consumption debate.

Building the portfolio at Bank of Ireland & Post Office

The Bank of Ireland’s collaboration with the Post Office provides a unique channel for financial services products. Mike Butler reflects on the marketing strategy challenges this presents, the role of classic marketing planning frameworks, and the politics involved in working across two organisations.

Innovating the value proposition at FM Global

B2B relationships, too, require an innovative value proposition. Martin Fessey describes how a deep understanding of customer needs led to an innovative offer with benefits to both parties.

The Challenge of Change at NHS Direct

Owain Davies, Head of Digital Service Development, highlights that GPs spend two-thirds of their time with people who don’t actually need a GP; for example, they could just as effectively be seen by a nurse or have a social care issue. NHS Direct are now empowering people, via various digital channels, to be able to access helpful information and a direct route through to the lowest cost, but appropriate point of care.

Optimising the customer journey at Dixons Retail

Andy Barratt, Digital Marketing Director, talks about the significant increase in volume of traffic coming from mobiles and tablets to the Dixons Retail website. By implementing a comprehensive web analytics programme, Dixons are able to monitor user how their mobile and tablet users’ behaviour differs from the desktop user and where they come from. These insights can then be used to adapt the website to suit the relevant stage in a customer journey – whether it be browse, research or purchase – improving the customer experience.

Value led relationships at MSD Animal Health

Ralph Baillie, Key Account Capability Leader at MSD Animal Health, talks about the difference between having a ‘customer focus’ and building true customer centricity in a B2B environment. With the support of Cranfield, MSD Animal Health have embarked on a journey of co-creation with their Key Accounts, gathering and sharing insights in order to create and plan a series of projects which add value to the customer. This new model has eliminated the need for pricing and rebate arguments.

Experience personalisation at The Money Advice Service

Guy Shone, Head of Consumer & Market Insight explains how The Money Advice Service is listening to customers and reflecting their voices within the solutions it provides in order to develop the financial capability of the UK population. Understanding customers' online behaviour and providing appropriate content in a timely and relevant way in order to facilitate the decision-making process is key to this.

Adapting to a Social World: Insurance

Stephen Mitchell, Digital Strategy Director explains how Aviva has been developing its digital strategy over the past year. Their dedicated Digital Response Unit demonstrates Aviva's commitment to customer service and quality financial products through transparent and two-way after-sales conversation, providing valuable business information.

Experience transformation at RBS

Steve Whitty of Royal Bank of Scotland, describes how he has been able to bring tools and techniques across to the banking sector from his background in building safety critical aircraft, in order to optimise customer experience and minimise the risk of losing customers.

Innovating in the entire value chain at Ahlstrom

Calum Mayland, Global Marketing Manager talks about Ahlstrom’s Outcome Driven Innovation and how they have innovated throughout the supply chain by focusing on the job that the customer is doing - rather than the product - in order to identify unmet needs. Identifying these unmet needs has allowed Ahlstrom to add value for their customers – for example, incorporating sustainable raw materials and 3d appearances into their products.

Better Customer Insight in Real Time

Dr Emma Macdonald and Professor Hugh Wilson have been working with a number of leading companies over the past two years on a new research tool 'real-time experience tracking' (RET) that helps companies to better understand the needs of their customers. The research has been published in the September 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review.

Best practice: Customer experience management

Customer experience is always on the agenda of managers and so it never leaves our agenda at Cranfield. Professor Hugh Wilson, Director of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum (CCMF) talks about orchestrating great customer experiences. Key themes include understanding and optimisation. We obtain understanding through better insight about our customers and achieve optimisation through effective management of our people and processes.

Sky and online engagement: are we there yet?

Becky McQuade, Commercial Research Manager at Sky explains how Hugh Wilson and Anne Mollen’s research around ‘What is an engaged customer?’ led to a positive outcome for advertisers being able to better profile their online audience.

Next best content: campaigns go personal at Guinness

Aly Richards, Chief Experience Officer at idioplatform explains the work they are doing around creating customer insight from a social conversation perspective in order to identify content that is relevant to both the customer and the Guinness brand in order to extend the conversation.

Enhancing the B2B customer journey at RS components

David Tarrant, Global Technical Community Manager, talks about how RS components has addressed the issue of engaging engineers with social media threough the creation of a sub brand and demonstrating the value of that social activity through various metrics.

Enjoying each other's company: Social gaming at Rank

Angus Nisbet, Brand Director at, Rank Interactive talks about how the social space is providing new revenue opportunities for the gaming sector.

Embedding social media in marketing practice: Reflections and insights

Mark Westaby reflects on the value of organisations coming together from across industries and sectors to discuss their social media issues and experiences. Mark goes on to share his thoughts around how social media is impacting on marketing and business in general.

Creating and capturing value through social media

Justin Ablett, Associate Partner and Justin Abramson, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Global Services discuss the value of social media for an organisation and how it can be leveraged internally in order to share knowledge and resources.

Maximising the return on multichannel marketing at IBM

Brendan Dineen, Director of Marketing – Demand Programmes at IBM UK talks about the Chief Marketing Officer survey that IBM has been conducting in order to understand the role and concerns of the CMO and what is likely to be on the agenda for technology requirements over the next few years

Maximising the return on multichannel marketing across sectors

Don E. Schultz, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Weatherhead University talks about the changing face of marketing and how successful marketing in the future will depend on listening to the customer, communicating with them through their chosen channels and responding quickly

Who's wearing the trousers? Serving the autonomous customer

Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist at BT explains her role as identifying trends. By looking at how developments in technology influence changes in customer behaviour, BT is able to develop strategies which address the implications of these behaviour changes. BT has seen the rise of the autonomous customer, who has sought independent advice and is very well informed prior to contact. This has introduced a level of complexity to the organisation which has lead to the requirement for networked experts within its customer service planning

The journey from products to experiences

Andrew Cushing, Head of Marketing talks about how Build Center is now investing more heavily in customer data and insight in order to develop its strategic marketing initiatives. For example, analysis of their customer data has enabled them to identify trends around lost sales and subsequently launch Spend & Save, a reward scheme based on incremental spend

Towards great conversations at Sainsbury’s

Andrew Mann, Director of Loyalty and Insight talks about how Sainsbury’s keep their customers engaged by ensuring that communications are relevant and well-timed via the Nectar card scheme, which enables them to understand the customer as well as provide the customer with loyalty rewards.

The multi-channel customer experience

Michael Lynch, Head of Demand Planning at National Savings & Investments talks about their multi-channel approach and how NS&I ensure they have the capability to serve customers in the ways they want to be served

Social media at Great Ormond Street: building community

Claire Zuurbier of IBM, formerly Head of Digital, Great Ormond Street, speaks to Lindsay Bruce from Cranfield School of Management

Crafting great experiences at Emirates

Craig Lee, Head of CRM and Customer Experience at Emirates speaks to Dr Emma Macdonald from Cranfield School of Management

How important is developing and projecting a personality for an organisation?

Andrew McMillan of Charteris plc, formerly Head of Customer Services, John Lewis, speaks to Dr Emma Macdonald from Cranfield School of Management

The CRM journey for Wolters Kluwer: developing a customer-focused business strategy

Mike Turner, Head of MIS, Wolters Kluwer, speaks to Lindsay Bruce from Cranfield School of Management

New intelligence – how can we use data constructively to add value for the customer?

Martin Upcraft, Associate Partner, IBM Business Analytics and Optimisation, speaks to Lindsay Bruce from Cranfield School of Management
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