Catherine Berney

Cranfield School of Management

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Catherine Berney

Visiting Fellow

BCL Solicitor MSc. Organisational Psychology Mediator

Catherine Berney


  • Leadership, governance and corporate values
  • Organisational development and strategic change management
  • Diversity, group dynamics and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Courageous communications

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Catherine is an organisational psychologist, non-executive director and speaker/facilitator at conferences and seminars especially those relating to leadership, governance, complexity and change, group and team dynamics, communication, creativity and managing strategic relationships in business. Her background is in international finance and law and she has over 18 years’ experience facilitating the development of organisations across all business sectors as well as internationally.

She works systemically to help create organisations that people want to work for; that people want to do business with and that investors want to invest in for the longer term.
Passionate about building and maintaining collaborative relationships with all key stakeholders, she works with clients to develop sustainable business excellence and the highest possible levels of professional performance. Inspiration is at the heart of everything that she does, striving to give clients a sense of their own personal power as well as the practical skills and support necessary for them to manifest this in their working lives.

Catherine also delivers conferences internationally for a large number of clients, has been widely published and is currently completing a book on the values of good governance.

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