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Cranfield / CIPS Strategic Procurement and Supply Forum

The Future of Procurement
In order to cope with the fast-changing business climate, where sources of supply and demand are increasingly volatile, organisations need to be prepared for the future and ready to reshape their internal operations and external relationships. The Cranfield/CIPS Centre for Strategic Procurement and Supply has recently completed a study which reveals that procurement and supply management will be a major driving force in this process. The role of procurement will be more strategic and its scope will be wider. In the future procurement will not just focus on cutting cost, but also on enhancing value to the final customer and protecting the organisation from external risks.

Procurement and supply management are being influenced by many factors as well. Procurement in the future will continue to face constant changes in industry. Changes may occur in consumer behaviour, relationships with suppliers, information and material flows. Future relationships with suppliers may require new business models, and supply networks will require redesign.

External forces will also affect future procurement. Ecological trends (e.g. pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and scarcity of natural resources), demographic trends (e.g. greying and urbanisation), new technologies (e.g. explosion of information) and economic trends (e.g. emerging markets and a new economic balance) will make the future of procurement and supply management significantly different from its past.

About the Strategic Procurement and Supply Forum
The overall mission of the forum is to address current and upcoming business challenges from the procurement perspective and provide a forum for exploration and debate. The network will include procurement, purchasing and supply managers from across sectors and industries, creating rich conversations and encouraging knowledge-sharing from diverse perspectives. Depth of content will be provided via on-going research into areas of particular interest to our members.

Membership benefits

  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Access to a cross functional spread of expertise from across the University
  • Operates on a non-competitive basis
  • Network members define the focus/themes for the meetings and help set the priorities for the network
  • Influence and involvement in compact research projects
  • Access to leading-edge research prior to publication
  • Exclusive early access to Forum research reports
  • 3 one-day forums per year
  • 5 employees from each member company can participate at every meeting, these people can differ based on theme of meeting to ensure the right people are involved
  • Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities
  • Corporate discounts across Cranfield School of Management Executive Development Programmes

Guest speaker video interviews

Annual fees

£9,000 gives your organisation membership of the forum. Corporate membership allows up to 5 employees to attend the 3 annual one-day meetings, and all employees within the member organisation can access 25% discount on all Cranfield School of Management tuition fees for Specialised Open Programmes. Lead contacts will be given priority access to analysis and implementation support and publications from the Centre, as well as access to Cranfield VIP events.

SMEs may subscribe for half price, which would entitle one person to access the benefits of membership.


This club does not accept applications from consultants or individuals.

Further information

Dr Carlos Mena
Director of the Centre for
Strategic Procurement & Supply Management
Tel: +44 (0)1234 751122

Sue Gregory
Administrator for the Centre for
Strategic Procurement & Supply Management
Tel: +44 (0)1234 751122

2013 events

24 September 6-9pm: Future of Procurement Discovery Evening (non-members welcome) REGISTER HERE

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