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Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness is an exciting field of study and it is attracting a lot of media and research attention.

Mindful leadership is about cultivating and generating mindfulness at different levels in an organisation: It helps leaders improve their relationship with themselves, it fosters improved relationships with others, and it can be a catalyst for transformative change in an entire organisation.

Cranfield is at the forefront of the scientific enquiry into what mindful leadership is; how it works and how it can benefit individuals and organisations.

We have developed this cutting-edge mindful leadership programme to help senior managers become more resilient and emotionally intelligent, as well as learn how to generate mindfulness strategically throughout their organisation.

Tuition, course materials, full board accommodation and lifelong access to Alumni Membership benefits are included in the price of this course.


This ten-week programme is designed to support leaders as they - 
  • Develop their individual practice of mindfulness
  • Learn highly practical and science-based methods to build stronger relationships with others through mindfulness
  • Generate innovative insight and creative solutions for their specific organisational challenges and use mindfulness to have a positive impact on themselves. their team, and the system within which they work simultaneously.

The ten weeks are structured as follows:
  • A three-day residential workshop (see dates below)
  • A cohort webinar to address specific organisation challenges
  • Peer to peer coaching and mentoring so that learning continues to embed following the workshop
  • An online portal with staged learning materials and implementation support
Additionally, all participants who complete the ten-week programme are invited to the Cranfield Mindful Leadership Symposium which is held in Autumn, annually.


Mindfulness begins with an individual’s capacity to be mindful. This is the ability to be focused; to be open-minded; and to hold multiple perspectives. These three characteristics of mindfulness benefit individuals directly – generating a natural resilience to stress; allowing mental and emotional space for innovation; and supporting better decision making. When mindful, leaders begin to consciously re-balance their behaviour from reacting to responding. Personal change becomes effortless and instantaneous.

But “no (wo)man is an island". Individuals at work don’t operate in a vacuum. Much of our work is interactive, and depends on others and on factors outside our immediate control. In addition to reaping the benefits of mindfulness to you as an individual, our goal is to help you create mindful teams and foster mindfulness for your entire organization. More than simply the sum of individual mindfulness, mindful organizations include processes and systems that demonstrate a capacity to be failure-free, to achieve an unusual level of operational excellence and to adapt rapidly to dynamic contexts. Valued outcomes such as organizational learning, organizational commitment and change-readiness improve.


Senior managers and executives who wish to enhance their personal potential and to enhance the wellbeing and performance of others using innovative and evidence-based methods. For those who aspire to lead with integrity, sustainability, and maximum organizational impact.

  • Enhanced personal mastery
  • Greater alignment of personal and organisational values
  • Insights into habitual ways of working that hold individuals and organisation in stasis, and practical ways to solve problems and make decisions in high pressure situations
  • Improved relating with others in teams and across the organisation, reliably and respectfully
  • Practical tools for high-impact interventions to support organisational change.
Dates for 2016

20, 21, 22 April; 7, 8, 9 June; 1, 2, 3 November


Dr Jutta Tobias
Jenny Robinson

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3 days, residential


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What Participants think...

"Enlightening. I understand more about who I am, what I want to be, and how to make that happen. The programme really helped me to clarify my true goal and gave me some practical techniques to help me to take the necessary steps towards achieving my goal."

Jayne Harrold, Senior Manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

"A fabulous course to build on my knowledge of mindfulness giving practical takeaways that can be applied in my personal and work life.”

Elizabeth Fairburn, Head of Claims Customer Experience, Direct Line Group

"A helpful course including practical ideas that will change how I manage stressful situations.”

Deborah Gunn-Roberts, Head of Delivery, NHS England

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