Giovanni Schiuma

Cranfield School of Management

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Dr. Giovanni Schiuma

Visiting Research Fellow


Giovanni Schiuma


  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Managing and Measuring Knowledge Assets
  • Culture and the Arts in Business
  • Organisational Development

Giovanni's research, training and consulting focus on linking knowledge assets and organization behaviour to strategic performance management and organization value creation. Giovanni is a leading international expert of the Arts in Business, and particularly of how to use the arts for organisational and people development, strategic performance management and innovation. His research and consultant interests focus around the following areas: knowledge asset and intellectual capital management, performance management systems, innovation and change management, and organizational development. In the last years Giovanni has lead the development of a new management research stream about the use of Arts for Management to support organisational value creation dynamics. Giovanni is strongly involved in Executive Education running seminars for public and private organisations and regularly offers seminars in Europe, Canada and Middle East. He has authored or co-authored more than 150 publications, including books, articles, research reports and white papers on a range of research topics particularly embracing Knowledge Asset and Intellectual Capital Management, Performance Measurement and Management, Knowledge-based dynamics, Artful Management for Organisational development. Giovanni works with local Italian Governments on strategic performance management and on the assessment of intellectual capital dimensions underpinning local development. He is also actively engaged in applied research and has worked in research projects involving national and international organizations, such as, among others, Natuzzi, Ducati, Soges Group, Arts&Business, Accenture, Shell, Lloyds TSB, McDonald's, etc.

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