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Thoranna Jonsdottir MSc/MBA

Thoranna Jonsdottir

Thoranna enrolled in the DBA programme in 2004 as a part-time student. She is the VP for Business Development at Vistor hf, an agent for many of the large international pharmaceutical companies in the Icelandic market. Previously she worked as an assistant professor and program director at Reykjavik University School of Business, lecturing mainly in marketing, new business development and change management. She also has extensive experience in executive education and management consulting. 

Thoranna holds a masters degree in pharmaceuticals from the University of Iceland, and an MBA from IESE in Barcelona, Spain. Thoranna is researching individual interpretation of roles of male and female members of corporate boards.
Her e-mail address is

Jonsdottir, T. (2006) “Hurdles for women - Exploring the non-executive director recruitment process – An Icelandic case study”, EURAM Conference, Oslo, May.

Jonsdottir, T. (2005) Increased opportunity in the leadership of the Icelandic business community. Icelandic Ministry of industry and commerce, Reykjavik.  

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