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Research at Cranfield School of Management is devoted to making contributions to the knowledge and practice of management and leadership, and aims to be both academically rigorous and relevant to practitioners. As a consequence the School conducts a mixture of fundamental, strategic and applied research with funding both from Research Councils and from Industry.

The content of the research is influenced by the preoccupations of managers which in the 1990’s were organizational change and reconfiguration. It is common for research agendas in the School to be developed through research clubs involving multiple partners from industry, which enables access and ensures relevance.


Managerial problems are inevitably complex, requiring a mixture of functional and thematic approaches. This is reflected in the existence of a number of centres at Cranfield School of Management with functional or thematic orientations. Research centres are established when areas of work prove durable under the triple test of external topicality and relevance, internal track record and momentum, and funding possibilities in the medium term. Our centres are:

Management Themes

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