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Innovation Management: The Leadership Role of the CEO

Supervisor: Marek Szwejczewski BA (Hons) MSc MSc DipM PhD

Supervisor: Keith Goffin BSc MSc PhD

Supervisor: Rick Mitchell MA PhD CEng FIEE

Most leading organizations have recognized the need to become more innovative. However, as pointed out by management scholars such as Gary Hamel, the approaches needed to boost the innovation performance of an organization are far from clear. As companies devise and implement innovation initiatives, there is an urgent requirement to understand the CEO?s role in identifying what is required, communicating how it should be implemented, and ensuring that it is achieved.

Numerous studies have looked at the development of business strategy but few have done this in the context of innovation. The PhD research would therefore identify and study companies? innovation programmes grounded in an extensive review of the relevant literatures. Cranfield School of Management has excellent contacts to industry and to companies with innovation initiatives. It is expected that a range of research methods will be used to investigate the management actions selected by CEOs to boost innovation at their companies.

This project will both build on previous exploratory research at Cranfield and integrate with other research on innovation management. It would be possible to conduct the project at either a PhD or DBA.

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Professor Rick Mitchell Tel: 01234 751122

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