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Lunchtime Seminars

Lunchtime Seminars

RSS FeedWelcome to the Lunchtime Research Seminars at Cranfield School of Management. The seminars provide an opportunity for you to listen to leading academics from around the world.

Past Events


  • 17 March
    Professor Lenny Koh, University of Sheffield
    Supply Chain Sustainability Research

  • 28 January
    Professor Rob Briner, University of Bath
    Why isn’t management practice more evidence-based?  Who or what can we blame?


  • 15 November
    Professor Krsto Pandza, University of Leeds
    Identity, Reciprocal Interactions and Innovation Capability
  • 20 June 
    Professor Graeme Currie, Warwick Business School
    Distributing leadership through sensemaking: Moving from blame to learning following a disruptive organizational event

  • 5 June
    Professor Anoop Madhok, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto
    Competing on action: Business models and the competitiveness of emerging market enterprises

  • 21 May
    Professor Thomas Durand, Le Cnam, Paris
    The Future of Business Schools in a Multi-Polar World

  • 15 April
    Professor Michael Hitt, Texas A&M University
    Institutions and International Strategy: Effects of Institutional Polycentricity on Firm Strategies and Outcomes

  • 15 March
    Professor Oded Shenkar, Ohio State University


  • 3 December
    Dr Ioannis Ioannou, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
    The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behaviour and Performance

  • 21 November
    Fons Trompenaars, THT Consulting
    Connecting Viewpoints: The effect of culture on organizational performance

  • 13 November
    Dr Hans Bruining, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Private Equity And Entrepreneurial Management in Management Buy-outs

  • 9 November
    Dr Pierpaolo Andriani, Euromed Management
    Evolutionary frameworks in innovation: exaptation and modular systems

  • 24 October
    Dr Emma Macdonald & Professor Hugh Wilson, Cranfield School of Management 
    Better Customer Insight - in Real Time

  • 23 October
    Professor Tom Elfring, VU Amsterdam
    Network Perspectives in Entrepreneurship

  • 27 September
    Dr Radu Dimitriu, Cranfield School of Management
    The Power of Brands

  • 6 June
    Professor Rajiv Sinha, Arizona State University
    Piracy on the high Cs? Music and software pricing in the presence of commercial pirates and open source software

  • 15 May
    Professor Ernst Verwaal, Queen's University, Belfast
    Strategic flexibility speed and variety in dynamic and complex environments

  • 16 April
    Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University
    Metaphors we lead by. On images for leadership

  • 13 March 
    Prof Daniel Steenstra, Royal Academy of Engineering’s Visiting Professor in Medical Innovation at Cranfield University
    InterQB-it® - a practical approach to managing complexity

  • 5 March
    Dr Paresh Wankhade, Liverpool Hope & Professor David Weir, University Campus Suffolk
    Performance management and perverse incentives in public service organisations

  • 27 February
    Dr Lisa Goh, Lecturer in Accounting, London School of Economics
    Executive Pensions: Complements or Substitutes?

  • 9 February
    Mark W. Johnston, Alan and Sandra Gerry Professor of Marketing and Ethics, Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, Florida
    The transformation of selling and sales organisations: The future of personal selling in business


  • 5 December
    Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Cranfield School of Management
    The Unpredictable Nature of Boards

  • 23 November
    Prof. Luca Mari, LIUC, Italy
    A pragmatic perspective on measurement

  • 15 November
    Dr Johannes Meuer, Erasmus University
    Revisiting system theories in strategic human resource management: A set-theoretic analysis of high performing firms in the UK

  • 31 October
    Prof. Emeritus Peter Lawrence, Loughborough University
    Enterprise in Action: Tales of Fast Track Companies

  • 20 September
    Dr Shahzad Ansari, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
    Incumbent Performance in the Face of Radical Innovation

  • 9 May
    Professor Ian Wilkinson, Unversity of Sydney Business School & Professor Louise Young, University of Western Sydney
    Engineering Cooperation

  • 11 April
    Dr Ruth Bender
    The Platonic Remuneration Committee

  • 21 March
    Emeritus Professor Roger Schmenner, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
    Thoughts on Productivity

  • 31 January
    Gianvito Lanzolla, Reader in Strategy, Cass Business School
    The Institutional Construction of First Mover Advantages

  • 17 January
    Professor Vlatka Hlupic, Westminster Business School
    Improving performance through emergent leadership
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    • 9 December
      Sebastian Stanger, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
      Coping with variability in the Blood Supply Chain: Can stock sharing solve the problem?
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    • 7 December
      Professor Andrew Oswald, Warwick Business School
      Economics of Happiness
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    • 24 November
      Professor Don Schultz, Northwestern University
      A new model for CRM/Relationship Management 
    • 18 November
      Professor Peter Verhoef, University of Groningen
      Publishing Key to Academic Success
    • 26 October
      Sir Robert Worcester, Founder MORI
      The Future of Public Opinion Research
    • 4 October
      Professor Kulwant Singh, National University of Singapore
      Interlocking political ties and firm acquisition during institutional transition
    • 27 May
      David Champion, European Editor
      Harvard Business Review Group: Bringing Research to Business
    • 19 May
      Funding Seminar: Dr Ken Emond, British Academy 

    • 10 May 
      Professor Emeritus George Rzevski, Open University
      Using concepts and tools of complexity science to design adaptive business processes 
    • 15 March
      Dr Amanda Goodall, Warwick Business School
      Why we Need Experts not Managers as Leaders: The Case Against Professionalizing Management Education
    • 9 March
      Funding Seminar: Dr Anne Dean, Leverhulme Trust
    • 24 February
      Dr Charles Loving, University Relations Manager, IBM UK
      IBM's Transformation: From Products to Service

    • 23 February
      Professor Brad Jackson, University of Auckland Business School
      Towards a Geography of Leadership

    • 4 February
      Professor Graeme Currie, Nottingham University Business School
      Organising & managing for the delivery of joined up public services
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    • 2 February
      Professor Nick Lee, Aston Business School
      Empirical agreement between informative and reflective measurement models
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    • 27 January
      Professor Gordon Hughes, University of Edinburgh
      The pension liabilities of regulated utilities - lessons for the public sector
    • 26 January
      Simon Harrop, CEO, BRAND sense agency
      Sensory Marketing: How Brands Make Emotional Sense
    • 12 January
      Dr Gaurav Ganguly, Chief Economist, Atradius, Amsterdam
      Corporate failure and the impact of macroeconomic shocks
    • 8 January
      Prof Joan van Aken, Eindhoven University of Technology

      Methodological Challenges for Applied Research in the Social World
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    • 2 November, Dr Aneel Keswani, Reader in Finance, Cass Business School, City University, London
      The Flow-Performance Relationship Around the World
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    • 12 October, Professor Luiz Moutinho, Department of Management, Business School, University of Glasgow
      The Marketing Performance Rhyme
    • 5 October, Professor Christer Karlsson, Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School
      The Extraprise – emerging from longitudinal field research

    • Tuesday 25 August, Professor Thomas Choi, Department of Supply Chain Management, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
      Triads in Supply Networks
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    • Tuesday 21 July, Professor Roy Thurik, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and EIM Business and Policy Research, The Netherlands
      Entrepreneurship and the Business Cycle
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    • Thursday 9 July, Professor Alan Harrison
      HRM within intra-firm supply relationships

    • Friday 26 June, Professor Lisa Ellram, Miami University
      Strategic Cost Management in Challenging Economic Times
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    • Monday 22 June, Professor Robert East, Kingston University
      Evaluating and Improving Word-of-Mouth Measures
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    • Thursday 18 June, Professor Rogelio Oliva, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University
      Integrate or isolate?  Impact of organizational structure choices on service deployment strategies by product manufacturers

    • Monday 8 June, Dr Beate Klingenberg, Marist College, NY, USA
      Measuring Innovative and operational efficiencies in the semiconductor industry: a new approach
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    • Monday 18 May, Prof. Victoire de Margerie, Grenoble Business School
      Towards an academic research agenda that is more relevant to practice: the examples of corporate governance and operations management
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    • Friday 15 May, Professor Jagdish Sheth, Goizueta Business School, Emory University
      CHINDIA Rising: 
      How the rise of China and India will impact globally

    • Monday 20 April, Stephen Davies, Cambridge University Health Partners
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    • Monday 23 March, Neil Rackham, "The Professor of Professional Selling" Selling in Hard Times
    • Monday 2 March, Dr Jonathan Trevor, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
      Rethinking Pay: Moving beyond the dominant logic of strategic pay
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    • Monday 23 February, Professor Leigh Sparks, Institute of Retail Studies, University of Stirling
      Retail Changes and Challenges
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    • Monday 16 February, Professor Denis Hilton, University of Toulouse II, France
      Overconfidence: Its nature and impact on business decision-making
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    • Monday 9 February, Pietro Micheli, Lecturer, Centre for Business Performance, Cranfield School of Management
      Strategic performance measurement: lessons from the Long Range Planning special issue

    • Monday 19 January, Professor Mike Pidd, Lancaster University Management School
      DGHPSim: smart simulation approaches for investigating healthcare policy as well as developing better practice

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