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Cranfield Customer Management Forum

The Cranfield Customer Management Forum is a club of organisations from a wide range of sectors who are together driving forward best practice in customer management across marketing, sales and customer service.

Director: Professor Hugh Wilson
Research Director: Dr Emma Macdonald

Members' comments

“Club membership enables you to make sense out of complex business issues.  It is a learning experience, I always come away with more tools, insights and processes than I had hoped for.  The meetings give an insight into how things are done by competitors or other similar organisations, and also provide opportunities to speak directly to, and learn from, a network of experienced and diverse professionals. One can also learn from real-world successes and mistakes through the various presentations.  I have drawn on different club experiences in order to build a planning model which allowed us to create an acquisition plan for British Gas Services.  The plan balanced value through ROI with volume but uniquely took into account customer needs; reflecting future cross/up-sell potential as well as aligning to the requirement for improved customer service.”

Paul Collings
Channel Analytics Manager
Centrica - British Gas
Member since: 2003

Recently inspired by: David Robinson, President of Speedo – how a small player took on and beat the big competition through the Beijing Olympics.  I was also impressed with Clive Humby and the Tesco story.

The importance of customer management

As markets mature and globalise and competition intensifies,customer management becomes the principal source of sustainable competitive advantage.  As more and more firms appreciate this, the individual components of customer management, such as CRM, multi-channel marketing and sales management, remain necessary but become insufficienton their own.

What is needed is the capability to synthesise business processes in marketing, sales and customer service into an overall excellence in customer management.  As exemplary companies demonstrate, only this synthesis can lead to superior customer and shareholder value.

Cranfield’s contribution

Cranfield has a long history of working with leading edge organisations to develop valuable ideas and new insights into current and future business practice.  We do this by bringing together specialists and pioneering thinkers from academia and across industry sector boundaries and facilitating the discussions that lead to mutual learning.


  • extend their understanding of customer management techniques used in today’s business environment
  • develop practical techniques for business improvement
  • share practice and experience with a supportive group of peers from a range of sectors
  • investigate and identify  excellent practice through Cranfield research
  • Solve immediate problems in customer management through informal networking

As members of CCMF attendance at CCMF events can now count towards your Chartered Institute of Marketing professional development hours.

The Forum holds four meetings each year and sponsors several research projects that address issues of interest to members.

Membership costs £8,500 per year.

For more information download a pdf summary about the Forum

CCMF member website 

If your organisation is a CCMF you will require a password to access the 'member only' website, please contact your company’s main Forum representative or the Forum’s Administrator Sue Gregory on or +44(0)1234 751122.

Cranfield Customer Management Forum

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