Thesis Titles

Cranfield School of Management


Thesis Titles (from 2007)

Centre for Business Performance

Monica Franco (PhD)

“The performance impact of using measurement diversity in executives' annual incentive systems”
(Supervisor: Prof Mike Bourne)

Pietro Micheli (PhD)

“The drivers and purposes of performance measurement in the public sector
(Supervisor: Dr Mike Kennerley)

Philip Smith (DBA)

"The relationship between management accounting, profitability and operations in an uncertain world: Evidence from literature and practice"

Complex Systems Research Centre

Partha Priya Datta (PhD)

“A complex system, agent-based model for studying and improving the resilience of production and distribution networks”
(Supervisors: Prof Peter Allen and Prof Martin Christopher)

Centre for Research in Economics and Finance

Malcolm Arnold (PhD)
“UK merger regulation: its effects on shareholder value and management motivation for mergers” (Supervisor: Prof David Parker)

Jian Huang (PhD)

“Executive compensation and takeovers: impact of CEO's psychological and biological characteristics on risk-taking and performance”
(Supervisor: Prof Sudi Sudarsanam)

Yassar Nasser (DBA)

"The influence of the banking sector on central bank independence and inflation control"

(Supervisor: Prof Joe Nellis)

Binsheng Qian

“What drives European spinoff value effects? Impact of corporate governance, information asymmetry and investor irrationality on firm”
(Supervisor: Prof Sudi Sudarsanam)

General Management Development

Martin Clarke (PhD)

“The role of voluntarism in stimulating organisation democracy”
(Supervisor: Dr David Butcher)

Information Systems Research Centre

Eduardo Redondo (PhD)

“A study of electronic inter-firm trading in the European paper industry: combining the information systems and relationship”
(Supervisors: Prof John Ward, Prof Elizabeth Daniel)

Operations Management

Zissis Anagnostopoulos (MPhil)

“Product support and the new product development process”

(Supervisors: Prof Keith Goffin, Dr Marek Szwejczewski)

Bob Lillis (PhD)

“An investigation to determine the strategic contribution of operations in services” (Supervisor: Prof Keith Goffin)

Leadership and Organisation Development

Javier Marcos Cuevas (PhD)

“Learning and knowledge processes in an academic-management consulting research programme: the case of the MC centre”
(Supervisor: Dr David Denyer)

Jelena Petrovic (PhD)

“Balancing the multiplicity of different interested joint venture (IJV) partners’ agendas: IJV directors’ contribution to board effectiveness”
(Prof Andrew Kakabadse)

International Centre for Programme Management

Jonathan Lupson (PhD)

“An interpretive study of British civil servants’ conceptions of accountability”
(Supervisor: Dr David Partington)

Strategic Management

Andreas Birnik (PhD)

“Cross-border integration in the multinational corporation: the subsidiary management perspective”
(Supervisor: Prof Cliff Bowman)

Alesia Slocum (DBA)

"Understanding the process of strategic change from a structurational and cognitive perspective: Case study of a new technology"
(Supervisors: Prof Susan Vinnicombe/Prof Julia Balogun)

Gilly Filsner (PhD)

“Sustainability of industry clusters: new member creation in motorsport valley”
(Supervisor: Prof Mark Jenkins)

Narendra Laljani (DBA)

“The dimensions, Development and deployment of strategic leader capability”
(Supervisor: Prof Cliff Bowman)

Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales

Colin Gruar (DBA)

The strategic management of stakeholder relationships in a not for profit (NFP) organization
(Supervisor: Prof Simon Knox)

Andrew Wood (DBA)

"The role of personal values as antecedent to management behaviour and performance in tenanted pub retail business in a UK regional brewer"
(Supervisors: Prof Hugh Wilson/Prof Moira Clark)

Supply Chain Research Centre

Peter Baker (PhD)

“The role, design and operation of distribution centres in agile supply chains”
(Supervisor: Prof Martin Christopher)

Alice Maynard (DBA)

“The economical appraisal of transport projects: The incorporation of disabled access”
(Supervisor: Dr John Towriss)

Charles Stephens (PhD)

“Enablers and inhibitors to horizontal collaboration between competitors: an investigation in UK retail supply chains”
(Supervisor: Dr Paul Chapman)

International Centre for Women Leaders

Rohayu Abdul-Ghani (PhD)

“The influence of work-family conflict on international adjustment of international postgraduate students with families in the UK”
(Supervisor: Prof Susan Vinnicombe)

James Collins (PhD)

“An exploration of chief executives’ conceptions of successful leadership in the Scottish public sector“
(Supervisor: Dr Val Singh)

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