Cranfield School of Management

Sample Cranfield test questions - problem solving

You have 10 minutes to answer the 10 questions below. The clock is ticking...Label

  1. What is the next value in the following sequence?
    9 13 17 21 -
  2. What four letter word with the same meaning as the word in brackets completes the first word and starts the second? S (ache) T
  3. Which numbered figure should go next in this sequence?
    Q3 image
  4. Who is third in alphabetical order?

    Pandora, Paula, Philippa, Patricia, Penny
  5. What is the missing number in the following diagram? Q5 image
  6. Which letter completes the following sequence?

    F M A M J J
  7. Which of the following words is the odd one out?

  8. Which numbered figure completes the following grid?
    Q8 image
  9. What is the next number in this sequence

    100 101 97 106 90
  10. Fill in the missing letter
    Q10 image