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Nichola Jacob

The Praxis Centre,


What are you expert in?

Team and executive coaching; working with others to build confidence and authority in the relationships they form and the conversations they can have with each other.

What do I care about in the world of work?
I am always interested in how people relate to one another and particularly how individuals and teams can work more effectively together to enable them to enhance their performance and bring out the best in each other.

What would I like to see change in organisational life?

I would love organisations to give greater recognition to the importance of creating time and space for leaders to enable them to think differently and more creatively about themselves, their teams and their business

Why does the programme you teach matter in business?
By its nature, today’s business environment is fast moving, requiring a need for agility, greater insight into the impact of behaviour and understanding of how you operate. Leaders who are not attentive to themselves and their teams and how they communicate and connect with them will get “caught out” and success will not be as certain.

My style
I am known as having a highly valued leadership style with strong relationship and consulting skills, including a reputation for working collaboratively and delivering effectively. Someone who works with people to enable them find their own solutions to their challenges by both helping them discover some of the different choices they have in their working lives and questioning their assumptions around how things currently work. At the same time I am known for providing insightful challenge and stretch that creates a positive environment within which people learn and develop. My style is characterised by a warm, relaxed manner and pragmatic and realistic approach.

Education and Qualifications
BA Honours
Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Diploma in organisational Consulting (Centre for Gestalt)
NLP Practitioner
MBTI qualified
Member of CIPD

Work Experience
2004-to date Synerga: Director, team and executive coaching business
PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Member of the Management team of the Learning and Development Group
Learning and Development internal consultant; coaching, team building, delivery on management development programmes; assessment and development
HR manager
1988-1990 Logica Consultancy: Head of HR
1986-1988 Independent Broadcasting Authority: HR Manager
1984-1986 Charity; Project Fullemploy: HR Officer
Self employment trainer

I have 20 years (plus) experience in the people development business, working in a number of different organizational (both public and private) contexts and cultures, I bring these different perspectives with me as well as my own experience of managing and leading teams. My primary focus is developing talent in organisations; engaging with teams on how they can develop effective business relationships and shape strategies for change and coaching leaders on business and personal development issues. My clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Lazard, Barclays, Danone, National Grid, Arup, Scott Wilson, Bird and Bird, Davies Arnold Cooper, Charles Russell and work with the NHS.

I am currently training for my first 10 mile run! I play tennis, love my garden, particularly the making cider and growing vegetables part.


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