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Ways we can help in challenging times

We know that businesses are currently facing challenging times, but we believe that continued investment in management and personal development is crucial to assist individuals and companies to survive. As part of our commitment to management education, we want to ensure that we are making our world-class open executive programmes as accessible as possible.

Listed below are just a few ways in which we can help. We recognise that individual and organisational development needs and circumstances are different so we invite you to call us to discuss them. Whether the problem is time out of the office, travel expenses or budget cuts, we may have a solution for you. We are already helping a large number of organisations to continue essential investment in their current and future talent.

Please contact the client co-ordinator for the programme you are interested in (found on the programme web pages), or for general enquiries contact Jane Roberts on 01234 754351 or email

Past Participants

If you have been on one of our open executive programmes within the last 18 months you are eligible for a 25% discount off tuition of your next booking. This offer has now been extended (for bookings made before 31st July 2009) to any colleagues within your organisation, so if you are unable to make a booking within the 18-month period, perhaps somebody in your organisation would benefit from this offer? Call us to find out more

Bring a colleague along and benefit from a 25% discount

If you and a colleague book on the same programme we will provide a 25% discount off tuition fees for the second booking. We will also give the same 25% discount for each additional colleague who attends.

Scholarships and Discounts for non-profit-organisations, charities, education and public sector

We have a number of scholarships and generous discounts available for participants from non-for-profit organisations, charities and the education and public sectors on a selection of our open programmes. Awards can be as high as 50% off tuition fees. For more information go to Open Programme Scholarships or call Jane Roberts on 01234 754351

Train to Gain funding - increased funding for Leadership and Management

Train to Gain has extended its funding for leadership and management training, with a total of £350m directed at SME's from January 2009.

The funding is potentially available to all employers who employ between 5-249 staff. To qualify you must not have taken part in previous Train to Gain Leadership & Management Brokerage Services within the last 12 months.

For small businesses (less than 50 employees), contributions will be given towards the cost of your staff spending time away from work undertaking agreed training.

Once you have chosen which Cranfield open programme is right for you, you should contact your local Train to Gain office to apply for the funding. Details can be found at

HEFCE Economic Investment Challenge Fund

HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for Education) recently launched the Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF) to enable higher education to respond rapidly to the needs of employers and individuals during the economic downturn.  Cranfield is able to offer this funding on a selection of our open executive programmes to help individuals who have been made redundant, are shortly to be made redundant, or those those who work in SMEs that need to up-skill.  

To find out about the criteria for eligibility and programmes available please contact Jane Roberts on 01234 754351





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