Janice Osbourne

Cranfield School of Management

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Janice Osbourne

PhD, MSc, BSc

Research Fellow Healthcare Management,
Cranfield School of Management

Janice Osbourne


Dr Janice Osbourne is a Research Fellow in Healthcare Management at Cranfield University School of Management. Janice is currently involved in a project exploring the realities of middle and frontline managers in acute care. She holds a Doctorate in Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics from Brunel University.

Her research interest includes change management, working relationships and organizational culture. Her doctoral research explored the experiences of health professionals who have adopted or chosen not to adopt new technologies in general practice.
Prior to joining Cranfield, Janice was a post doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow where she explored health professionals’ perspectives on change brought about by the use of technologies for managing long term conditions in both primary and secondary care settings. View publications database

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Contact Information

Email: janice.osbourne@cranfield.ac.uk
Tel: 01234 751122

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