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Particular areas of interest for consultancy assignments


Particular areas where we are looking for consulting assignments to help advance knowledge of how to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability:


  • Work with a company board to help board members, and the board collectively, to increase their understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues;
  • Help a strategic business unit (SBU) of a multinational company to translate the company’s global commitment to CR into a strategy for the SBU; and then to develop a plan to operationalise this;
  • Facilitate dialogue between Investor Relations, CR and Corporate Communications functions within a FTSE100 company to improve the presentation of their ESG data to mainstream investors and analysts;
  • Work with a small group of companies wishing to share good practice of how to continue their embedding of CR through the recession;
  • Help companies to identify, create and sustain collaborations with competitors and / or non-governmental organisations to tackle environmental and social challenges in commercially attractive ways;
  • Developing and delivering with a corporate university / in-house senior management development team, an experiential, action-learning programme for high-flyers within the company on sustainability;
  • Work with the CR, IT, training and internal communications staff of a company, to establish and promote use of a CR and Sustainability Knowledge-Management function.


In some cases, there may be opportunities to create synergies between a consulting assignment and an existing or new research programme. This might, for example, be a PhD student or a research club (where a small group of non-competitor companies contribute modest membership fees which enable Cranfield to access research funding for knowledge-transfer; and participating companies are able to contribute to the choice and design of the research and get early access to the results).


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