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Who we are


The Doughty Centre has a small, full-time team led by Prof David Grayson CBE. For biographies of the Centre’s academic staff, see:


When appropriate, we involve other members of the Cranfield faculty who are specialists in topics such as leadership development, culture change, strategy, project & performance management and measuring organisational performance:


On consulting assignments, we also work with a range of freelance associates, including particularly alumni of the Cranfield School of Management who are highly skilled and experienced in particular aspects of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability; or have in-depth expertise in a particular business sector.


In addition, depending on the assignment, we are able to draw in colleagues from other parts of Cranfield University where there is world-class research going on in many aspects of sustainable development such as carbon sequestration, bio-diversity and water management.


We are not a commercial consultancy. In particular, clients need to know:

  • We have teaching responsibilities at Cranfield which we regard as sacrosanct commitments. This means that we may not be available at very short notice for meetings; and that
  • Whilst client confidentiality is – of course – fully guaranteed, we are particularly looking, for assignments within organisations that will create research opportunities for advancing knowledge around embedding responsible business practice – and we will want to explore such opportunities in discussing any consulting opportunities.

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