Owner managers tell Gordon its time to go. 62% would vote Tory. European and local elections waste of time.

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Owner managers tell Gordon "it's time to go"

Demonstrating just how disenchanted owner managers are with Gordon Brown and the Labour government, in a survey we carried out in the week of the European and local elections, 62% of owner managers said they would vote Tory if a general election were held on the same day. With less than 10%, Labour trailled in third, 2% behind the Lib Dems.

To add insult to injury, when asked who, from any walk of life, owner managers would have as the Prime Minister, twice as many nominated BGP Director, Gerard Burke as nominated Gordon Brown!

A staggering 80% say the outcome of the European elections will make ‘little or no difference’ to their business while 82% say that the outcome of the local elections will make ‘little or no difference’ either. Despite their scepticism, 75% said they intended to vote on 4 June!

It is a different picture at a national level, with 68.5% of owner managers saying the outcome of the next general election will make ‘some or a lot’ of difference to their business.

We also asked owner managers to rank certain individuals in terms of who makes the most difference to their ability to grow their businesses. Unsurprisingly, the owner managers themselves came out top, followed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer - above the Prime Minister! Perhaps predictably, MEPs were seen as the least likely to make a difference.

Ranking of who makes the most difference to the ability to grow a small to medium sized business:

1) The owner manager themselves
2) The Chancellor of the Exchequer
3) The Prime Minister
4) The Secretary of State for Business
5) Their Westminster MP
6) Their local councillor
7) Their MEP

Gerard Burke, BGP Director, says: "Quite naturally and rightly, owner managers feel that they themselves are in the best position to help their business grow. This is just as well given the poor regard in which local, national and European politicians are held.

"It seems that while our politicians are fighting between themselves, trying to justify their unjustifiable expenses and bailing out huge corporates, they have completely lost touch with Britain’s owner managers - the real unsung heroes of the UK economy and the very people who will lead us out of the recession."

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