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How do I earn a Cranfield Award in Business and Leadership?

It is awarded in three ways:

Completion of a General Management Programme which includes:

  • Cranfield Business Leaders' Programme
  • Cranfield Advanced Development Programme
  • Cranfield General Management Programme
  • Accelerated Talent Development Programme

Completion of the Cranfield IT Leadership Programme

Completion of three open executive Programmes - this must include at least one leadership programme from the leadership section and other programmes can be from any other part of the portfolio.

How do I apply for the Award?

You do not need to apply for the Award. Once you have completed your last programme, you will automatically receive the Award while you are at Cranfield.

How long can I take to complete all three programmes?

You must complete all three programmes within a four-year period. This period starts from the first programme you attend.

Is there any added cost to doing the Award?

There is no aditional cost apart from the cost of each individual programme.

Do I have to pay for all the programmes in advance?

No, you pay on a per programme basis.

Do I receive a discount if I book a number of programmes at the same time?

Please contact us and we can discuss our discounts policy.

Do you offer guidance when I am choosing the programmes?

Our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right programmes to ensure that you meet your professional development targets. Please feel free to contact Jane Roberts on +44 (0) 1234 754351.

Does the Award lead to any formal qualifications?

No. The Award recognised you and your organisation's investment in your professional development. Furthermore, the power of the Cranfield brand and the kudos of having made a substantive commitment to your learning and development means that the Award will make a real difference to your oganisation

I have attended a Cranfield customised programme. Does this contribute to the Award?

Please contact us and we can discuss how this could count towards the Award.

Which of your programmes are considered leadership programmes?

All those in our leadership section, found on the website or in our brochure.
(Note: our general mangement programmes are included in this section. Completion of one of these programmes will result in your receiving the award.)

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