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Think: Cranfield
February 2014
Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class experts and researchers.

Nelson Mandela: Five Lessons from his Legacy

Five leadership lessons we learn from the legacy of Nelson Mandela for today’s organisation.View Article

Giving Sales Organisations the Edge

Cranfield’s extensive work with companies indicates substantive shifts that, together or singly, are giving sales organisations competitive edge.View Article

Projects Are Always Failing, But Why Accept Failure?

Projects are always failing. But why accept the startling typical figure of 70 percent failure rate? View Article

Six Steps to Improve Budgeting

For many organisations, budgeting is a flawed annual ritual. Based on the experience of a number of leading companies, the article offers steps to take to move forward. View Article

Think Newsletter

This will be the last issue of Think Cranfield. Please read this article to find out more. View Article

News from Best Practice clubs

A regular spot where topical subjects and guest speakers as featured by our research clubs are brought together in one place to help inform and inspire. View Article

Research insight

Our doctoral research reflects some of the key issues faced in business today and the following glimpses provide insight into upcoming research findings from Cranfield. Get involved. View Article

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