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Professor David Denyer

David Denyer

David is Professor of Organizational Change at Cranfield School of Management, specializing in high reliability organization design, managing change in extreme contexts, organizational networks and evidence-based management.

David has worked on a large number of projects with a range of organizations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Assignments have included high reliability planning and implementation, safety, risk and reliability workshops, organization audits, organizational network analysis and the design and delivery of a range of executive development workshops.

David's work provides diagnostic and design expertise, based on the synthesised experiences of many organizations from a variety of sectors.  Complex management concepts are distilled down into highly informative and fun learning activities that are designed to help management teams review their practice, identify key levers for improvement and plan change interventions accordingly.

David has successfully completed two research council funded projects and numerous other public and industry funded research projects.  He has been a Scholar of the Advanced Institute for Management since 2003 and is a member of the International Evidence-based Management Collaborative.

He is frequently a speaker at international management conferences and has published widely

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