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BAM Healthcare Organization and Management SIG

SIG Objectives:

  1. To act as a forum for mutual updating and for sharing research experience, findings, methods, and ideas, for new faculty and experienced researchers, and for doctoral students in this broad field.
  2. To promote the development of novel research agendas, using an innovative range of mixed methods and interdisciplinary perspectives as appropriate.
  3. To promote inter-institutional collaboration, domestic and international, and to provide a platform for the establishment of international links and comparative studies.
  4. To encourage the development of joint publications with group membership contributions, including journal papers and books.

These objectives will be met in three main ways:

  • Organization of a BAM Annual Conference Track in Healthcare Organization and Management.
  • One ‘open’ workshop per annum, with guest speakers combined with opportunities for networking.
  • One ‘themed’ workshop per annum, based on the submission of members’ ideas, focusing on a topic of interest to a significant number of members, exploring research questions, methods, findings, and implications for practice and policy.

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