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Frank Buytendijk

Visiting Fellow

Frank Buytendijk

Frank's professional basis in business intelligence and performance management gives him a strong strategic perspective across many domains in business and IT. He is a world-class speaker at conferences at conferences all over the world, and is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and provocative style. With 20 years of dedicated experience, Frank has worked as a software implementation consultant, project manager, management consultant, business manager, industry analyst and strategist. Currently, Frank is Vice President and Fellow at Oracle Corp, responsible for "thought leadership". He also worked as a Research Vice President at research company Gartner, and held a variety of positions in his home country, The Netherlands. Frank is also a visiting fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, and author of various books, including "Performance Leadership" (McGraw-Hill, September 2008). Currently, Frank is working on his next book "Dealing with Dilemmas".

Frank has written hundreds of research papers and articles in the professional press, amongst which the Balanced Scorecard Report (Harvard Business Press), Business Performance Management Magazine, CIO Magazine, CFO Magazine, etc. He has been quoted in newspapers and magazines all over the world, and appeared on RTL Television and CNBC.

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