October 2009

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Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield University School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class faculty and researchers.
Performing Under Pressure

Already stretched executives are grappling with the additional difficulties of performing optimally amidst tough economic conditions, rapid change and increasing uncertainty about the future. Many useful ideas in this realm come from other performance domains such as sport. Consider the case of the “corporate athlete”. In fact, many of the demands placed upon busy managers mirror those of the sporting athlete...

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The Cranfield Knowledge Interchange Online (KI) for the latest management knowledge and business intelligence from Cranfield and around the world.

Management Focus

Management Focus contains articles on a wide range of topics affecting managers today, drawing on Cranfield’s research and expertise

Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Responsibility

If Corporate Responsibility is about minimising negative and maximising positive environmental and social impacts, then stakeholder engagement is one of the core skills and key activities which enable this to happen successfully and effectively. Organisations can no longer choose if they want to engage with stakeholders or not; the only decision they need to take is when and how successfully to engage...

How to Manage Through Recession and Redundancy

Downsizing, rightsizing, de-staffing and redundancy became part of everyday lexicon during the 1990’s when organisational change was endemic and of a nature and speed never experienced. Such change resulted in a major shift in organisational structure and philosophy as redundancy became a central plank in many company’s survival strategies...

Managers Face Crucial New Challenges in Recession

With an understandable focus on the short term demands of recession, the leaders’ role of generating debate about future priorities is never more crucial. In difficult times the tendency to force decisions, to be seen to act, can often mean an organisation’s strategic assets can get thrown out with the bath water....

Doctoral Open Days

Our Doctoral Open Days are the ideal opportunity to find out more about the doctoral programmes that Cranfield School of Management has to offer: the Executive Doctorate (DBA), the full-time PhD and the part-time PhD...

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