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Research Snapshot

Take a look at the type of research projects our faculty are working on – we’ve put together some brief summaries of current, or recently completed research projects to give you an idea of what’s going on at the School of Management:

Global sourcing: offshore outsourcing from a total cost perspective
The results of this research will provide a model which will help companies make better outsourcing decisions and also provide insights for public policy in relation to the future development of the UK’s transport infrastructure and the impact of global trade on the environment.

Aerospace aftermarket supply chains
This project aims to restructure aftermarket supply chains and to model costs, improving service levels to end-customers, and reducing response times.

Aligning and integrating market and supply strategies
This programme takes a journey with three supply chains with the objective of aligning demand and supply strategies to deliver improved customer responsiveness.
The impact of performance targets on behaviour: a close look at sales force contexts
Four detailed case studies and a survey of 95 sales representatives are undertaken to better understand the factors affecting managerial behaviour.
The impact of HR and people management on performance
This research looks at the extent to which Investors in People (IiP) affects HR policies, the organisation social climate, human capital flexibility and, ultimately, firm performance.

How firms can develop full value from Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
As many global enterprises struggle to capitalise on Enterprise Performance Management, this research addresses how firms can realise its full value.
Multi-channel customer management
This study is based on a survey of 150 managers about their use of channels; the degree of integration between these channels; how segmentation and one-to-one techniques are used to treat different customers differently; and what are the pressures for change in channel strategy. The project is an assessment of what has already been successfully addressed and what opportunities remain to compete on the basis of the route to market.
Creating value through customer experience
This study proposes that firms will be in a position to better achieve customer relationship outcomes such as retention and advocacy through understanding how any customer’s experience contributes to value-in-use. The research will prove useful for customer insight processes and for designing experiences which deliver value to both business clients and consumers.

What makes a great customer experience?
This study devotes attention to four aspects that are crucial to create customer experience in a multi-channel environment: channel choice, consistency, personalisation, customisation and the relative importance of these factors. The research will enable managers to consider what is important when creating great experiences for their customers.
Improving new product introduction into the manufacturing facility
This project examines how a manufacturer can ensure that the transfer of a new product development project from R&D to manufacturing is successful, i.e. the product launch date is achieved and budgeted project costs are not exceeded. The research examines the factors that contribute to the success and failure of the transfer.
Sustaining improvement initiatives
This project examines how manufacturing businesses have sustained factory wide improvement programmes. The research examines what are the enablers and inhibitors of improvement programme sustainability.

Issues and pitfalls in rewarding the performance of key account managers
Poorly-focused reward schemes are not merely an unfortunate detail that will need to be sorted out at some stage – they can be a major driver in the wrong direction and actually frustrate the KAM development that companies hope to establish. This study provides useful indications of the changes that companies should seek in order to achieve a reward scheme that effectively promotes KAM.
Improving the sales force – linking sales meeting behaviour to success
The findings from this research will enable you to identify what type of sales person you have in your company from a skill perspective, at what level and in what role (product or consultative sales person). From there you will be able to develop them.

Sales person profiling – identifying competencies in live sales incidents
This research focuses on what personality attributes make a salesperson perform better in “live” sales situations. We examine this issue from both the sales and the customer perspectives in order to determine what aspects of personality are important factors in the improvement of sales performance.
Assessing the value created by Product-Service Systems
The aim of this project is twofold: (1) to create a tool to quantify the value to the customer served through product/service consumption, and (2) to understand the use process by which the PSS is applied in order to create value in-use.

Service Networks
The purpose of this project is to determine how to configure service networks and the relationships that govern them to provide service delivery and support for PSS.

Transformation to servitised organisational forms
The purpose of this project is to define the transition paths and the implementation steps to organisations as they move from a ‘product centred’ manufacturer to a ‘servitised organisation’.

In some cases, the findings from these projects are strictly limited to research club members for a specified period, but should you have an interest in any of these topics why not consider one of our corporate research club memberships? You and other colleagues within your organisation could gain from a host of other benefits such as: regular opportunities to network and share experiences with like-minded industry professionals; best practice advice and development of practical techniques; presentations and information-sharing from industry leaders; and specific business issue resolution. Click here for more.

Please note that research clubs operate on a non-competitive basis - applications will not knowingly be accepted from competitors of any existing members without their express permission. Clubs do not accept applications from consultants or individuals.

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