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Dr Colin Pilbeam

Senior Research Fellow

Management Research

Following degrees from Oxford University and Reading University, Colin spent fifteen years as a post-doctoral research fellow studying nutrient and water dynamics in different crop production systems in developing countries (Kenya, Syria and Nepal) in order to develop sustainable nutrient management practices for resource-poor farmers. More than 45 journal articles have been published from this research. With the completion of an MBA degree came the transfer to University Administration, and the management of the Research Office at Cranfield School of Management for five years. During this time Colin was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators.

In June 2005, he revived his research career as Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Management Knowledge and Strategic Change. His research interest lies in addressing questions surrounding the evolution, management and performance of networks found in the not-for-profit sector, particularly those delivering International Development/Humanitarian Aid and Research. He is also studying for a DBA in Higher Education Management.

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