February 2010

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Think: Cranfield
Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class faculty and researchers.

The first edition of Think Cranfield for 2010 encourages managers to look ahead. Mike Bourne offers ways to promote personal development through the downturn and beyond, and Steve Macaulay considers the value of role modelling. Richard Kwiatkowski takes a psychological perspective on risk taking, while Jonathan Chapman questions how risky are your rewards?

What Have We Learnt From The Recession?

On 9-10 March Cranfield is holding a conference entitled ‘What have we learnt from the recession?’

It’s a two day conference with some high profile speakers including Andy Bond, CEO of Asda, Lord Digby Jones from UK Trade and Investment, Paul Mason, Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight and Michael Portillo – as well as several Cranfield faculty.  For more details click on the link. View Article

Personal Development through the Downturn

Organisations and individuals must continue to improve their skills, maintain motivation and lead effectively in order to sustain success. This can be achieved through a renewed emphasis on individuals taking charge of their own development. View Article

Are you a Good Role Model?

Are you a good example for others to follow? Role modelling is a part and parcel of the way organisations function and for excellent organisations to succeed, yet it is often an implicit and unrecognised activity. View Article

Will you risk it?

In these uncertain times, how should we act, and what has psychology to say about risk? Aphorisms and proverbs routinely offer contradictory advice. Psychological thinking offers some useful perspectives. View Article

How Risky are Your Rewards?

Pay and rewards can be costly for an organisation. Your reward approach can move you forward-or hold you back and pull your organisation down. In these turbulent times, when agility and sustainability are key, it is important to know how you stack up against identified reward risk factors. View Article

Ready to Propel Your Know-How into the New Decade?

Cranfield School of Management’s international reputation for undertaking world-leading research that makes a real difference to managers is set to continue through the new decade. Ways to improve the performance of your organisation and keep your management skills relevant. View Article

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