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Publications and Multimedia Resources

At the Doughty Centre we write and research publications for both academic and practitioner audiences looking to find out more about
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, the role of business in society, and the systems which enable sustainable societies.

Recent Centre Publications:

A new Doughty Centre Occasional Paper by Ron Ainsbury and David Grayson, "Business Critical: Understanding a Company's Current and Desired Stages of Corporate Responsibility Maturity.Click here to download.

Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz is a new book (available in paperback and Kindle edition) by David Grayson and Doughty Centre colleagues Melody McLaren and visiting fellow Heiko Spitzeck (formerly with the Doughty Centre and now a professor at Fundaco Dom Cabral in Brazil). It was published in March and draws on five years research from the centre team, including interviews with social Intrapreneurs around the world. David launched the book at the annual conference of CSR Europe in Brussels in March, and Heiko spoke about it at the Sustainable Brands conference in Sao Paolo in April. The book was positively reviewed in the Financial Times (April 23rd) and in two pieces. The authors summarised some of the key points in an Ethical Corporation essay. There have also been several blogs including one by Melody McLaren explaining the links to jazz.

Publications and Multimedia Resources

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