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Video Interviews

Control of NPD portfolio range build activity in the fashion industry

Mark Baker, Head of Risk and Assurance at Pentland Brands talks to Professor Mike Bourne about the diversity of industries and academics involved in the Business Performance Roundtable -- all exploring performance measurements and how to make improvements. Mark highlights a key issue found within his own research - that performance based on feedback is sometimes inefficient. The development of sophisticated feedforward controls enables a view of how controls can be improved.

Business Performance Roundtable Agenda -- 11th October 2013

Mike Bourne outlines the upcoming agenda for the Business Performance Roundtable here at Cranfield School of Management on 11th October 2013.

What Makes a High Performance Organization?

André de Waal of HPO Center talks about his studies over the last 10 years - What Makes a High Performance Organization and what are the distinguishing factors of an organisation’s culture which apply worldwide, and enable it to be a High Performance Organisation over a sustained period.

How do data visuals influence sense-making?

Craig Ellam explains how the visual representation of data can enable the creation of new knowledge provided the information presented retains integrity.

Benefits of membership to the Business Performance Roundtable

Mark Baker, Head of Risk and Insurance explains the value that Pentland Group get from being a member of the Business Performance Roundtable.

The role of information in times of challenge

Professor Mike Bourne speaks to Spyros Stamoulis, Senior Consultant at Wipro Consulting Services

How does Premier Inn manage business performance from the guest's perspective?

Tina Hobart, Quality & Guest Insight Manager, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants, speaks to Prof Mike Bourne

Dealing with dilemmas: Less analysis, more synthesis

Professor Mike Bourne speaks to Frank Buytendijk, Vice President and Fellow of the Oracle Corporation

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