Floating voters comment on TV news coverage of Labour the most (13-19 April)

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UK Election 2010

Floating voters comment on TV news coverage of Labour the most (13-19 April)

A look at Labour’s profile of experiences again shows the dominance of TV News (25%) but just like the Conservative profile of experiences, we are starting to see Leaflets generating more experiences (7%). Nevertheless, despite leaflets working well to persuade for the Conservatives they are not positively persuading people to vote Labour (net -1% persuasiveness). Instead we see Labour’s leaflets generate a range of different experiences resulting in no net levels of persuasiveness.

Labour’s recent Party Election Broadcast takes 6% share of all Labour experiences again. As a channel it is failing to positively persuade people to vote Labour (net -1% persuasiveness). What we do see, however, is Labours choice of spokesman in Eddie Izzard, polarising our audience of floating voters.

Some are drawn favourably toward Eddie Izzard and as such Labour.

“Eddie Izzard is a great favourite of mine. His pitch for the Labour Party this evening left me with very positive feelings.”
Labour, Party Election Broadcast, Very Positive, Much more likely to vote

And others are immediately put off the broadcast and put off voting Labour.

“Watching BBC one at 7pm - there was a party political broadcast for the labour party. It featured Eddy Izzard (who I really don't like) and the commentary he said was awful - full of snide childish remarks slagging off the Conservatives! The Conservatives are not the only opposition! Didn't appeal to me at all - really did the opposite - another bad mark against labour!”
Labour, Party Election Broadcast, Fairly Negative, Slightly less likely to vote

We also return to the issue of negative campaigning as Labour’s attack on the Conservatives through this Broadcast does nothing but put people off the Party as a whole.

“Party Election Broadcast on ITV 1 at 1800hrs: 90% of the broadcast was spent slagging-off the Conservative party! what an utter waste of time, when they should be persuading the electorate that they are the party to vote for by telling us of their plans for our future all they do is bad-mouth the opposition. They suck!!!!!!!”
Labour, Party Election Broadcast, Very Negative, Much less likely to vote

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