Breakdown of experiences by communication channel on day of Final Leaders Debate (29 April 2010)

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UK Election 2010

The Leaders Debate took slightly less share of experiences than last week (-2%) and is down -10% from the first Leaders Debate where a third of all experiences with political parties was for the Debate on ITV.

However, we are seeing the proportion of Poster experiences rise significantly (+10%). After the Leaders Debate and TV News, Posters were the 3rd largest touchpoint floating voters were coming into contact with in the 24 hour period to midnight on Thursday 29th April.

This is not the big national posters but a springing up of posters in fields and gardens with around ¾ being for Local Party Candidates. Whilst our floating voters say that these simple posters with a name and slogan are not affecting voting intentions (85% made no difference), their comments suggest that actually they probably are in subtle ways.

1. The number of posters is suggesting the level of support for a party on a local level.

"I noticed whilst walking around my village today that there a lot of posters up in people’s gardens supporting Lib Dem. There are also quite a lot for Conservatives too but I notice there were NONE for Labour."

2. They are giving confidence to voting intentions.

"Saw it in my neighbour’s window (who I thought was staunch Conservative) Made me feel more positive re voting Lib Dem" (Very Positive, Made no difference)

3. And they are raising divided loyalties between voting for the local MP you trust and the national party where there is less trust.

"Already our MP. Proactive approach to local issues. Voted for him last time. Now not entirely sure how I would feel about a Cameron led government. Mistrustful of certain personalities within the party. 8 posters seen today."

Once we have final data we will be able to analyse the impact of these Posters on actual voting to see if they have had more of an impact than people believe at the time.

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