Breakdown of net persuasiveness of each political party during each Leaders Debate (15 v 22 v 29 April 2010)

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UK Election 2010

Unlike the polls for the 3rd Leaders Debate which put David Cameron ahead, our floating voters still found what Nick Clegg was saying persuasive, although this is much less marked than in the 1st Leaders Debate. Interestingly, in spite of the difficulties with the widely reported gaffe in the news, and battling against the past Labour record in power, floating voters felt that Gordon Brown’s performance was stronger in this Leaders Debate.

"I think this looks like GB's best leader's debate performance, he is not trying to be funny or grinning. He came across well"

"I think the prime minister is performing a lot better than previously and coming over as honest and sincere"

"Watching some of the leaders debate, I felt that Gordon Brown was honest in what he said (I watched for half and hour) I think he was fair. A question was asked about housing and what will be done to help people afford to get on the property ladder. I felt Gordon Brown was the only one that answered that question properly, outlining what he would actually do, making banks lend to more people for mortgages, shared equity and the reduced stamp duty. He also talked about keeping interest rates low, which the other parties I don't think will. I do feel this is key to home owners."

"It was clear to see that from this debate Gordon Brown knows his stuff, I think in this regard he was able to outshine the other two more inexperienced candidates."

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