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Latest Book Summary:

Javier Marcos

Authors: Régis Lemmens, Bill Donaldson & Javier Marcos

Published: 14 May 2014

ISBN: 978-9063693510

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This book helps companies to transform their sales organisations allowing them to stay current with the technological and consumer trends and sustain their competitive edge. It is a visual business book full of diagrams, illustrations and models, which will be picked up time after time by sales managers in the field and sales directors in the board room as well as students in sales management.

The book is based on a two year study in collaboration with among others the TiasNimbas Business School and Cranfield University to identify current and future trends in sales. Besides studying these trends the authors helped many organisations to transform their existing sales force allowing them to stay current. They have called this transformation From Selling to Co-Creation and in this book sales directors can now find the tools and framework to upgrade their own sales force.


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