Think: Cranfield - May 2010

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Think: Cranfield
Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class faculty and researchers.

The May edition looks at the wider role of leadership, starting with Rethinking Leadership. The global dimension is considered, with first-hand experience from Professor Andrew Kakabadse. The leader’s role in change is examined in Reconnecting after Change. The part managers play in leading for business performance is made explicit from Cranfield research in How Managers Deliver Business Performance. Finally two articles draw on Cranfield surveys to bring facts bear on Has the Halo Slipped from Japanese firms? And Who Won the 2010 Election Marketing Campaign?

Rethinking Leadership

A new and challenging examination of old leadership questions. View Article

How to drink Rice Wine with the Minister

First-hand insights into cross cultural know-how from Professor Andrew Kakabadse. View Article

Reconnecting after Change

Managing the employee climate after organisational change. View Article

Has the Halo slipped from Japanese Companies?

Post Toyota’s safety recall, a wider perspective on Japanese competitive performance. View Article

How Managers Deliver Business Performance

A Cranfield study pinpoints how management development delivers business performance. View Article

Who Won the 2010 Election Marketing Campaign?

No single party won the general election on the 6th May, though the Conservatives won the most seats, but how did the parties fare in their marketing campaigns? View Article

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