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A new, regular spot where topical subjects and guest speakers as featured by our research clubs are brought together in one place to help inform and inspire.

Business decision-making: move past analysis

Research findings about dilemmas in performance management indicate that we analyse too much. When there are conflicts of interest in the executive decision-making process, it is better to try and take the opposite approach and synthesise. Analysing a dilemma simply confirms the different perspectives within it, but it is in the combination of various types of information that the answer to the problem is often found.

Add value for your customers and reap the rewards

Improving service for your customer base can introduce real competitive advantage and offer substantial cost benefits. As market leaders within their field, Allied Bakeries are leveraging this thinking by shaping supply chain systems and processes around the customer need.

Empower your customers and develop products with influence

Putting the customer at the centre of the business instead of the product, helps to drive new business, increase retention and provide valuable data which can be used to develop innovative products, which sell. By changing the structure of their business to become more customer-focused, Wolters Kluwer has made significant improvements to customer retention and prospect-to-customer conversions.

Avoid organisational silos by adopting thematic views

Employing thematic views which are linked to your organisation’s overall strategy can help to avoid organisational silos and engage employees, as the Environment Agency has found during an ongoing review of its balanced scorecard.

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We currently have a number of specific opportunities for you to get involved with our doctoral researchers. These case study relationships are a fantastic way for you to gain crucial external insight on important business issues and, in return for some of your time, could help you to add value within your organisation.

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