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What are your assumptions about leadership? How do these assumptions affect how you view leaders, and how you might become one?

Duration: 20 minutes

The module uses the vehicle of a case study of a changing company to learn more about leadership in practice. It requires decisions to be made concerning a disparate set of companies being welded together. At critical decision points, an online questionnaire poses decision options to choose the way ahead. Real-time feedback is given, with an online mentor to aid reflection and learning. The decision options tie back to four broad Cranfield approaches to leadership:

  • Holistic (an approach, which recognises that people bring their whole selves and potential to work)
  • Distributed (leadership is not vested in one person, but a whole variety of levels and specialities)
  • Emotional (an approach, which recognises that organisations have an emotional life of expectations, needs and feelings and therefore actions are not always what they seem - they are based on deeper emotions which may well be beneath the surface)
  • Political (a stakeholder view that requires others' needs and interests to be taken into account)

At the end of the module, learners will have gained:

  • An overview of Cranfield leadership approaches and perspectives
  • An insight into their own assumptions and perspectives on leadership
  • A development agenda to enhance their ability to be successful leaders in their own contexts

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