Alexander Mackenzie

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Alexander Mackenzie

The Praxis Centre

MA OCM Senior Coaching Practitioner, OSHR Management Consultant, Dip Ed Steiner Education

Alexander Mackenzie


  • Storytelling in Executive Education
  • Applied Arts in Experiential Education
  • Executive Coaching
  • Post graduate personal development

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Alexander has been a leading pioneer in working with the arts in business for over 25 years. He is a director of two open learning programmes within Praxis and co facilitates on a number of programmes for CCED where he has been working as an associate for over 12 years.

He is particularly recognised for his work in the use of storytelling as a tool for learning and development in organizations. Alexander combines his early careers in education and social work with his business consultancy learning and has created a dynamic experiential approach within the world of corporate leadership development. His seminal approach to combining the creative and strategic orientation of left and right brain preference within the context of personal development has been widely adopted and promulgated internationally.


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