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News from Best Practice clubs

A regular spot where topical subjects and guest speakers as featured by our best practice research clubs are brought together in one place to help inform and inspire.

Social media at Great Ormond Street: building community

Having experienced the benefits of being able to engage with the public in real-time, social media is now an important part of Great Ormond Street’s fund raising strategy. Watch the video

Insights into how organisations develop and adopt powerful pricing strategies

McKinsey & Co has found pricing to be one of the biggest levers to improve profitability and is often not leveraged enough by organisations. Implementing pricing excellence is a key route to adding value. Watch the video

Cisco's agile aftermarket supply chain

Cisco has worked with its customers in order to drive and develop its supply chain agility, enabling an extremely high level of service to be provided throughout 130 countries in as little as 2 hours. Watch the video

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