May 2011

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Think: Cranfield
Think: Cranfield is the online newsletter of Cranfield School of Management. It features the latest in management thinking and research output from Cranfield's world class experts and researchers.

How Should Firms Deal With Political Risk?

Political risk can have a substantial impact on firms, as current world events are demonstrating. Yet research shows that a large number of multinational firms don’t fully understand or appreciate how to deal with political risk. Taking political risk seriously involves companies adopting proactive steps to assess and mitigate their risks. View Article

Talent Management in Practice

Talent management is widely held to be critical to an organisation’s success. However, discussions with many Talent Managers in organisations reveal that the term means very different things in different organisations. The implications of this are discussed, plus what it takes to succeed as a talent manager. View Article

Big Society: Implications for Managers

The Big Society is a political idea of the UK government. Whatever one’s views on this, it is likely to affect a wide range of managers in different sectors throughout the country and have substantial implications for them- and indeed for management in general. David Grayson of Cranfield’s Doughty Centre, says we must face up to the challenges ahead and address some basic managerial essentials. View Article

The King’s Speech: The First Executive Coach

The film The King’s Speech featured the work of Lionel Logue, a speech therapist, who could be considered the first executive coach to King George V1th. Discusses how coaching helps individuals to develop and become more effective. View Article

News from Best Practice clubs

A regular spot where topical subjects and guest speakers as featured by our best practice research clubs are brought together in one place to help inform and inspire. View Article

Doctoral research previews

Our doctoral research reflects some of the key issues faced in business today and the following glimpses provide insight into upcoming research findings from Cranfield. Get involved or be inspired! View Article

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