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Dr. Andre van Stel

Visiting Fellow


Andre van Stel

André is a Senior Researcher at EIM Business and Policy Research (a member of Panteia) in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. EIM is a large research company investigating topics of small business and entrepreneurship. Besides a two-year period as a Senior Research Fellow at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics (2006-2008), André’s past affiliations include the Max Planck Institute of Economics, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the University of Amsterdam. André holds a PhD in Economics and a Masters Degree in Econometrics, both from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His main research interests are in the areas of the determinants and consequences of entrepreneurship and in topics of industrial organisation. André has published in numerous journals including Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Small Business Economics and Venture Capital. As a Visiting Fellow at the Bettany Centre, André’s research focuses on the interrelationships between levels of new venture entry and exit and average profits at the industry level. Another research topic of interest is the behaviour of informal investors. In investigating these matters André works closely with Professor Andrew Burke.

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